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Air Purifiers

Standard Air Purifier 30 Type

Dust and odors are detected and shown in 3 easy-to-understand colors to indicate the level. Electrostatic HEPA filter catches 99.97% of 0.3μm fine particles. Odors are caught on the deodorizing filter. Models excluding MC30 model utilize streamer to decompose these odors and adjuvants on the filter.

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Streamer Air Purifier 40 Type

Streamer decomposes odors and allergens, etc., with high speed electrons that have a powerful ability to oxidize. Has an odor sensor & dust sensor which performs “Triple Detection” for pollutants like PM2.5 & dust. Econo Mode automatically switches between “Quiet” and “Low” modes depending on the degree of polluted air.

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Streamer Air Purifier 55 Type

Model with New Stylish and Compact Design: Featuring Electrostatic HEPA filter | Streamer technology | The plasma ion technology | “Triple detection” sensor to quickly detect PM2.5 | Powerful Suction and Reduced Operation Sound

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Streamer Air Purifier 70 Type

Odors and allergens are thoroughly adsorbed by the titanium apatite filter and then removed. Detects house dust and PM2.5 ultrafine particles approx. 2.5μm and smaller, and the lamps indicate air quality. When sleeping, Sleep Mode automatically switches only between “Quiet” and “Low” modes depending on how polluted the air is.

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Streamer Air Purifier Humidifying 55 Type

Daikin’s air purifier cleans the air with by Active Plasma Ion and Streamer discharging technology to restrain viruses, bacteria, allergens and odors.

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Daikin Variable Refrigerant Volume (VRV)

The Daikin VRV system is a multi-split type air conditioner for commercial buildings that uses variable refrigerant flow control developed by Daikin to provide customers with the ability to maintain individual zone control in each room and floor of a building.

About VRV
When Daikin launched the VRV air conditioning system in 1982, it introduced the world’s first use of variable refrigerant flow control. This technology circulates only the minimum amount of refrigerant needed at any one time and enables individual climate control of air conditioning zones. The name VRV * derives from this technology that we call “variable refrigerant volume.” *VRV is a trademark of Daikin Industries, Ltd.

VRV A Series

The outdoor unit is equipped with two compressors, so that if one compressor malfunctions, the other will provide emergency operation. Optimally supply only for the needed capacity of indoor units. Automates the charging of the proper refrigerant amount and the closing of shut-off valves with just one press of the switch after pre-charging.

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VRV X Series

The VRV X series achieves higher efficiency in a design that is more compact and lightweight than the VRV IV High-COP type, and the capacity of the lineup has been further expanded. (12 HP–50 HP 6 HP–60 HP)

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Home Central Air Conditioning

Daiki Home Central Air Conditioning focuses on comfortable living through intelligent 3D air flow features in its unit design. In the past, it is unthinkable to have air conditioning in the bathroom and kitchen. Now, with Daikin’s moisture control technology, comfort can be attained in every corner of your home.

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A water cooled intelligent individual air conditioning system suitable for tall multi-storeyed buildings. This unique system can perform as heat pump or heat recovery to any suitable application.

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The VRV IV S system is highly space saving. It offers slim and compact outdoor units to achieve maximum utilization of the installation space. It is an ideal air conditioning system for residential, small offices and shops.

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First launched in Japan in 1982, the Daikin VRV system has been embraced by world markets for over 30 years. Now, Daikin proudly introduces the next generation VRV IV system. It now offers an enhanced lineup to meet an ever wider variety of needs while improving energy savings, comfort, and ease of installation.

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Intelligent Touch Manager

Daikin proudly introduces its new intelligent Touch Manager, a VRV system controller featuring an array of simple, useful system management functions for added value.

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Industry-Leading Technologies

To meet and exceed demanding performance criteria, our chiller systems integrate advanced HVAC technologies including:

Water & Air Cooled Chillers
Chillers make cold water or water/glycol fluid mixture in order to cool buildings or processes. Often used in conjunction with coils in air handlers, chillers receive warm fluid from the air handler coil or process load, lower the temperature of the fluid, then a pump returns the fluid to the air handler coil or process.

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